Can Chanterelle Be Eaten Raw?

Unless you have a sensitive stomach, you can eat chanterelles raw, just like cultivated mushrooms. With a few tricks, you won’t strain your stomach too much.

Chanterelles (also called chanterelles) have a peppery taste and are a good food for vegetarians because of their high iron content. If you don’t want to stew or sauté the mushrooms , here are a few tips to keep your stomach from rumbling.

Tips for eating raw chanterelles

Chanterelles are difficult to digest because their cell walls contain chitin. It is therefore best not to eat raw chanterelles directly before going to bed.

Only eat raw chanterelles in small amounts. Otherwise, just like other edible mushrooms eaten raw, flatulence and diarrhea can occur.

If you have collected the chanterelles yourself, you should definitely find out whether the fox tapeworm is currently in your collecting area. If this is the case, you should definitely not eat the collected chanterelles raw, otherwise you run the risk of becoming infected from eggs that could be on the chanterelles. Such an infection can cause liver damage, among other things.

This makes eating raw mushrooms easier to digest

Cut the raw chanterelles into thin slices. If the chanterelles are very small, it is enough to cut them in half. This way the raw mushrooms can be digested better and are not so heavy in the stomach.

In addition, take enough time to chew the mushrooms carefully so that your stomach is not additionally burdened and to prevent disturbing stomach pressure.

Depending on your taste, you can also add some fennel, caraway or ginger to counteract stomach and intestinal irritation.

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