Can Zucchini Be Poisonous?

Zucchini – the vegetable is so poisonous and dangerous

Vegetables are generally healthy and zucchini is no exception. Therefore, zucchini is also often used in the kitchen.

  • Normally zucchini has a very mild taste. If you notice that the zucchini tastes bitter, you should definitely not eat it.
  • Especially with home-grown vegetables, it can happen that the vegetables contain the poisonous cucurbitacin.
  • In the case of zucchini that you can buy commercially, the cucurbitacin is usually cultivated. The risk of acquiring poisonous zucchini is therefore very low.
  • If you feel nauseous or have severe diarrhea after eating zucchini, consult a doctor immediately.
  • However, you must have eaten quite a lot of poisonous zucchini before it becomes really dangerous for you. But then it could also be life-threatening, especially if you are already in poor health.

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