Cashew Nuts for Dogs: What You Should Know About Them

Dogs can eat cashew nuts. The nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are therefore healthy for humans and four-legged friends. Here you can read what you have to consider when feeding.

Cashew nuts: Healthy snack for dogs

Cashew nuts are also very healthy for the dog – the nuts not only provide us humans with many important nutrients.

  • Cashew nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, fat, phosphorus and fiber.
  • The phosphorus in cashew nuts is healthy for teeth and bones, but too much phosphorus in dog food damages the dog’s kidneys.
  • Therefore, feed the cashew nuts in small portions and not too often.
  • Only give your dog natural cashew nuts. Salted or sweetened, as in human snacks, harm the dog.
  • In addition to cashew nuts, your dog can also eat hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecan nuts and almonds. After eating the nuts for the first time, pay attention to how your dog is doing. It may be that your four-legged friend does not like the nuts and a rash forms or your dog suddenly suffers from various other ailments.
  • In this case you should of course refrain from feeding cashew nuts. A visit to the veterinarian can also provide information about whether your dog might have an allergy to the nuts.

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