Childproofing For the Oven – These Options Are Available

Childproofing for the oven – these options are available

  • To make your oven childproof, you have the following options:
  • Oven door grille: When the oven is running, the oven door heats up and you can easily burn your fingers if you touch it. With an oven door grille, at least direct contact with the oven door can be largely prevented. In most cases, such a grid is glued to the oven door. Properly attached, the adhesive effect can last longer. Even good grids heat up, but significantly less than the oven door itself.
  • Stove protection knobs: If you want to prevent the little ones from playing with the stove knobs, stove protection knobs can be helpful. These simply slipped over the actual buttons.
  • Stove guard with switch cover: Another alternative to cover the stove knobs is a stove guard with a switch cover. Stove guards are commonly fitted to the stove and prevent small children from touching the stovetop. There are models where the protective grille also covers the buttons on the front.
  • Oven door lock: If you want to avoid opening the oven door, an oven door lock is a simple solution. This is attached to the oven in such a way that a latch in the correct position prevents the door from being opened.

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