Cooking With The Oven: Is That Possible?

What you can do with the oven

  • Whether pizza, casserole, or Sunday roast – everything usually ends up on the middle shelf of the oven. The bottom of the oven is usually not used.
  • The bottom of the oven in particular offers a great advantage: this is where the greatest, most even and most direct heat prevails.
  • Try it: Place vegetables on a tray on the middle rack while placing another tray of vegetables on the bottom of the oven. Put the oven at 260 degrees for 20 minutes, changing the position of the trays halfway through.
  • The result: you get crispy, nicely browned vegetables that are cooked through but not mushy.
  • However, this does not work with every oven. The oven floor must be stable enough to withstand a heavy baking tray. If you can’t find any information about this in the operating instructions, ask the manufacturer before you try this method.
  • If your oven is not designed for this, you can definitely cook in it – for example, cook rice.
  • Put the desired amount of rice in a casserole dish with twice the amount of boiling water and season with a pinch of salt. Place the mold in the oven preheated to 200 degrees and the rice will be ready after about 18 minutes.
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Written by John Myers

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