Dates – Sweet Fruits

They are elongated-oval in shape, light to dark brown and taste sweet as honey: dates! This makes them an aromatic and versatile sweetener. In our product information you will learn the most important things about the palm fruits.

Interesting facts about dates

Dates are the fruits of the real date palm, which is cultivated from North Africa to Pakistan and valued as a source of nutritious food. Due to their high sugar content, dates are high in calories and low in mass. As “bread of the desert” they are popular throughout the Orient as a source of energy, for example among nomadic peoples. Since the other nutritional values ​​of dates are also impressive, the fruits are considered a healthy alternative to industrial sugar. Date syrup is suitable for naturally sweetening drinks.

Purchasing and storage

Dates are available dried or undried, although fresh produce is available in this country between September and January and sweetens Christmas treats. There are hundreds of varieties, varying in size and taste. A particularly fine variety are the large Medjool dates, which are characterized by a soft flesh with a hint of caramel. When buying fresh dates, make sure the fruit feels and smells plump. Stored in the refrigerator, they will keep for at least two weeks. Dried goods should be stored in a dark, dry place, such as in the kitchen cupboard. In this way, the fruits remain edible for months. You can simply soak specimens that are too dry or hard to make them workable again.

Kitchen tips for dates

As dried fruit, dates are often pitted – if not, the pits can be easily removed, just like with fresh fruit. Halve the dates lengthwise with a sharp knife and remove the stone. A knife with so-called hollows is best suited here. Due to the small indentations in the blade, the sticky fruits don’t stick as well: also ideal for chopping dates. If you don’t like the somewhat leathery shell of fresh produce, you can peel off the skin. Pure, the delicious energy dispensers are a delicious snack in between. You can also use them in a variety of sweets such as Indian laddu, confectionery, English mince pies, energy balls, cookies and cakes. In combination with savory ingredients, dates develop an attractive contrast in flavors: wrap them in bacon, for example, or try our date cream as a dip for grilling or spread.

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