Dill – Tart-Sweet Kitchen Herb

Like fennel, the popular kitchen herb belongs to the umbelliferae family. Seeds, flowers and the feathery leaves are used in cooking for seasoning.


Dill is native to southern Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia and western Asia. The ancient Egyptians also knew the herb. The main growing areas for seed production today are several Eastern European countries, China and Scandinavia. Dill is also produced in Germany for fresh consumption.


Our outdoor season lasts from May to September. Dill is available all year round as a greenhouse product and as a potted herb.


Dill has a typical, strong tart-sweet aroma. Dill seeds have the most intense taste, while the blossomed crowns are particularly mild.


For pickling vegetables such as g. cucumbers, the crowns of dill are ideal. The dill flags are often used for fish dishes, gravlax, Frankfurt green sauce, or salad dressings. Quark, herb butter, mayonnaise, or vinegar can also be refined with dill. The herb should always be added fresh to the food and not cooked, otherwise, it loses its aroma.


It is best to wrap fresh dill in a damp cloth and store in the refrigerator. It will keep like this for 1 to 2 weeks. It is also good for freezing. Dried dill loses much of its flavor.

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