Defrost The Freezer – This Is How It Works

Preparations for defrosting the freezer

  • Before you start defrosting the freezer, you should always unplug the cord.
  • Then you should lay out some thick, absorbent towels – terry towels are a good choice.
  • The best way to catch the water is in a square dish bowl that you place on the bottom of the freezer. If you don’t have the right size bowl, simply roll up towels and slide them between the bowl and the sides of the refrigerator. If you don’t have a suitable bowl at hand, a baking tray or something similar will do if necessary.
  • Alternatively, you can place some towels on the bottom of the freezer.
  • In addition, it never hurts to place two or three towels in front of the freezer door.
  • If you prefer to protect your towels, you can use defrosting mats instead, which cost around ten euros on average.

Defrost the freezer – that’s it

  • A very efficient yet simple method of defrosting the freezer is with hot water. You simply place a large pot of hot water in the freezer and close the door. Depending on how iced up the cooler is, after about thirty minutes, put another top of hot water in it.
  • Another method, albeit a bit more complex, is defrosting with a hair dryer. However, you should make sure that you do not hold the hair dryer too far into the freezer so that no water can get into the hair dryer.
  • As an alternative to the hair dryer, you can use a fan that you place slightly higher in front of the freezer.
  • You can carefully remove particularly stubborn ice spots with a scraper. However, this should not be made of metal so that you do not scratch the freezer. Sturdy plastic or wooden scraper is much better suited in this case.
  • Incidentally, the freezer can be cleaned very easily with warm water and a good dash of vinegar. The universal weapon vinegar is an inexpensive and relatively natural cleaning agent that also disinfects and neutralizes bad odors.
  • Tip: If you are planning to buy a new household appliance in the foreseeable future, a freezer with no-frost technology might be of interest to you if you are not a fan of defrosting.

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