Dishwasher: Lime Stains on the Dishes – That Helps

Dishwasher: Hard water leaves stains

You can determine your water hardness with test strips. You hold the strip underwater and see a value in a short time. If this indicates that your water is very hard, you constantly need salt in the container. Otherwise, parts of the machine can become calcified in the long term.

  • You can also counteract limescale with a rinse aid. This is also filled into a compartment in the dishwasher, which is usually located at the door.
  • If, in addition to limescale stains on the dishes, you have limescale deposits in the machine itself, you can start a rinse cycle with a commercially available descaler for coffee machines and use it to remove the residue.
  • If you have forgotten the cleaning powder or put it in the wrong compartment, you should start the rinsing process again. With the latter, the container must be replaced if there is cleaning powder in the salt compartment.

Powder or tabs: Limescale stains on the dishes

Common tabs, which are supposed to take over the functions of salt, cleaning, and descaler, are not sufficient, especially with hard water.

  • Therefore, use basic tabs or powder and add salt and rinse aid to your dishwasher.
  • If none of the tips help, the water softening system in your dishwasher may be defective. If you still have a guarantee on it, you should make use of it.
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