Fennel Tea During Pregnancy: Mothers Have to Pay Attention to This

Fennel tea is not a problem during pregnancy

Fennel tea is one of the types of tea that you can easily consume during pregnancy.

  • Many expectant mothers drink fennel tea especially when they are plagued by the flatulence that often occurs during pregnancy.
  • These arise from the fact that the intestines are somewhat sluggish due to hormones. As a result, the food stays there longer and this can lead to increased gas formation.
  • One effect of fennel tea is that digestion is stimulated – the essential oil anethole contained in fennel stimulates the muscles in the stomach and intestines. This means less unpleasant flatulence and cramps.
  • Another problem faced by many pregnant women is iron deficiency. The tuber contains 0.7 mg/100 grams of iron. Expectant mothers benefit from this too.
  • To get the healthy active ingredients of fennel in the tea, you can make fennel tea yourself. You can find out how to do this in another post.
  • Since fennel tea is also a proven home remedy for nausea, it often helps with nausea during pregnancy. However, you should preferably drink fennel tea unsweetened.

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