Conveniently Preserving Water – This Is How It Works

Conveniently preserving water – this is how it works

In specialist shops, you can obtain various means by which you can preserve drinking water. As a rule, the water then remains sterile for up to six months.

  • However, this only works if the water tank and the pipe are germ-free. Therefore, you should clean your water containers thoroughly after each use.
  • If you have not used the tanks for a long time, you should clean them again before you fill them with fresh drinking water. You can get special cleaning agents for water tanks from specialist retailers. This makes the cleaning process very uncomplicated and quick to complete
  • It is also helpful if you install a water filter with activated carbon in front of the tap.


An ancient method of preserving water

Hundreds of years ago, people already knew that they could make water more durable and sterile with the help of pure silver.

  • However, you should not just take any silver coin, as a lot of germs usually stick to it.
  • Buy a piece of pure silver, disinfect it and place it in the purified water tank before filling the water. Make sure the silver piece has rounded corners so it doesn’t damage your water tank.
  • Leave the silver in the water tank.


Preserve water by preserving

It is also possible to preserve water by waking it up. However, this method is very cumbersome and only suitable for absolute emergencies.

  • You need the largest possible Weck jars, which you first sterilize along with the sealing rings.
  • Then boil the water and fill it up to the brim in the sterilized glasses.
  • Then attach spring clips to the glasses and let them cool down.
  • When storing later, make sure that the glasses are in a frost-free place.

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