Insert DeLonghi Brewing Group – That’s How It Works

DeLonghi coffee machine: insert the brew group

Each coffee machine has a different design and is therefore also slightly different in construction. For this reason, the following instructions may vary slightly depending on the model.

  • To avoid damage to the brew group, you should first take a look at the operating instructions. You can also download this online from the DeLonghi website.
  • If you have removed the brewing group, you should always reinstall the component in the same order. Improper action can lead to damage to the machine.


Instructions for removal and installation

The following instructions apply to the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Avant EX2. The process may be different for other models.

  1. Turn off the DeLonghi. Do not use the main switch but the power button on the left.
  2. Wait for the display to go completely blank. In the meantime, the machine carries out a fshing of the circuit.
  3. Only now can you open the flap at the front. The brew group is now in the correct position.
  4. You can use the red markings to operate the mechanism to remove the brew group.
  5. After cleaning, you can reinsert the brew group in the same way. Make sure that the brew group clicks into place.

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