Fondue: This Vegetable Is the Best

Vegetables for fondue – these are suitable varieties

Many types of vegetables are suitable for a fondue.

  • Cauliflower and broccoli chopped into florets are best prepared in the hot fat of the fondue.
  • Pieces or slices of carrot are also a popular vegetable suitable for fondue.
  • Those who like it particularly healthy, on the other hand, reach for the fennel bulb.
  • However, all of these hard vegetables need to be blanched in boiling salted water before making the fondue. The blanching time varies depending on the vegetables. Carrots only take three minutes, while fennel takes four minutes. You should blanch cauliflower and broccoli for between five and eight minutes so that the florets are no longer so hard.
  • You can prepare zucchini and peppers for your fondue without any preparatory work.


The delicious batter for the fondue vegetables

A vegetable fondue will be even tastier if you wrap it in a pastry shell.

  • Mix two egg yolks with 250 ml of water and mix in 125 grams of flour until a smooth dough is formed.
  • The mixture is seasoned with a little pepper and curry powder.
  • Provide your guests with this dough for the fondue. You can dip the vegetables in it and then fry them in the fondue.


Not every vegetable is suitable for fondue with friends

When it comes to vegetable fondue, there are types of vegetables that you should treat with a little more care. The reason is the water content, even though almost all types of vegetables have high water content.

  • Frozen vegetables should always be thawed and dried first. Extreme heat and extreme cold do not go together.
  • The deep-frozen vegetables are usually covered with a small veil of ice on the outside. But there are also small ice crystals inside that are not immediately visible.
  • Deep-frozen vegetables in particular should always be pre-cooked in a hot water bath and allowed to dry thoroughly.
  • Be aware that highly watery vegetables can cause dangerous fat splatters. This doesn’t just apply to frozen foods: Tomatoes or fresh cucumbers are representative of vegetables with a similar consistency.

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