Freezing Bacon: You Have to Consider That

Freeze and thaw bacon without losing flavor

It is best if you portion the bacon before freezing. Cut it into thin slices or cubes.

  • Lay the slices flat in a freezer bag.
  • To be able to easily remove individual slices later, separate them with greaseproof paper.
  • To avoid freezer burn, squeeze as much air out of the bags as possible and lay them flat in the freezer.
  • Bacon cubes are best frozen in a tin. This will later allow portion-by-portion removal. Use a fork to scrape out the desired amount.
  • Store bacon in the freezer for a maximum of six months. After that, it goes rancid due to the high-fat content. Therefore, write the day of freezing on the freezer bag or stick a label on the can.
  • To thaw, place the bacon in the refrigerator overnight. This is gentle and the taste is preserved.

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