Ginger For Colon Cancer?

Researchers have discovered that ginger lowers signs of inflammation in the gut. The medicinal plant could therefore be a means of protecting against colon cancer. Ginger for Cancer? PraxisVITA has the background.

The results of a pilot study sounded promising: ginger influenced inflammatory values ​​in the intestines of healthy volunteers. Animal studies have shown that the flavoring compound “6-gingerol” slows the growth of colon cancer cells. Scientists took this finding as an opportunity to investigate in a new study whether ginger helps against cancer and could reduce the risk of malignant intestinal tumors.

Can Ginger Cure Cancer?

The result: In a comparison of intestinal biopsies from 20 patients with elevated inflammation scores at the beginning and end of the study, the researchers found that those who ate ginger had, on average, 28 percent lower inflammation scores than those who took the placebo.

However, it is not yet clear whether the altered signs of inflammation are associated with a reduction in the risk of colon cancer. The study leaders advise further investigations that deal with the topic “ginger against cancer”.

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Written by Ashley Wright

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