Ginger to Lose Weight: That’s Behind It

Ginger is an all-rounder: Consume ginger to lose weight, against bad breath and nausea, for a stronger immune system, to stimulate digestion, and to relieve rheumatism. You can easily prepare delicious ginger water yourself.

Ginger to lose weight: the effect on the organism

Ginger contains the pungent substances gingerol and shogaol, as well as a lot of iron, vitamins, calcium, potassium, and essential oils. These substances have a positive effect on the body.

  • The pungent substances gingerol and shogaol heat up the body. This stimulates digestion and metabolism and increases calorie burning. Perfect for losing weight!
  • Not only helpful for losing weight, but gingerols are also similar to the pain-relieving acetylsalicylic acid. That is why the tuber is also called natural aspirin.
  • Ginger is also effective against nausea, such as when traveling. You can easily chew on a piece of ginger or drink ginger tea.

Easily prepare ginger tea and ginger water yourself

If you take ginger in the form of a freshly prepared tea, the ingredients of the tuber can develop best. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps with weight loss. This will make your digestion more effective and your cravings less.

  • It is best to drink the tea while it is still hot before breakfast and cool it down with ginger water throughout the day. The preparation is very easy.
  • Cut the bulb into thin slices. The finer, the more ingredients are released into the water. You don’t have to peel the tuber, because most of the substances are located directly under the peel.
  • Put the ginger in hot water and let the tea steep for about ten minutes. If you like, you can season it with lemon and a little honey. The following applies the less honey, the fewer carbohydrates.

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