Grilling Squid – That’s How it Works

Grilling squid – this is important

Preparing the squid for the grill is quite simple.

  • For two servings you need one squid. The squid tubes are suitable for the grill. Wash these squid tubes thoroughly and then dry them gently with paper towels.
  • To ensure the squid cooks evenly on the grill, cut the squid tubes lengthwise into large fillets.
  • Dip the squid fillets in a shallow bowl with olive oil, then place them on the grill. When grilling fish, a little finesse is always required, and this also applies to squid.
  • In the beginning, the squid needs high heat. A minute or two on each side is enough. Then turn down the heat on the grill and grill the squid for another five to six minutes on each side.
  • If you cannot set the temperature on your grill, place the fish on the edge of the grill after it is seared. Here the temperature is usually lower than in the middle.
  • You don’t have to season the squid. After serving, sprinkle it with a little lime or lemon juice to let the sea dweller’s own aroma come into its own.
  • Recipe tip: If you like the fish spicier, place it in a marinade made of olive oil, lime, and some chili and coriander powder for four to eight hours. Then put it in the fridge and let the marinade sit. After that, the fish is ready to be grilled.
  • However, don’t expect the marinade to soak deep into the squid’s flesh. The fish meat is relatively poor in pores. Nevertheless, the taste transfers well to the meat.

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