Hemp Leaf Powder With Natural Calcium And Iron

The hemp leaf is a superfood of the extra class. For example, if you want to increase your iron or calcium supply naturally, you can do this with hemp leaf powder. Just 10 grams of hemp leaf powder provide just as much calcium as a 250-gram cup of yogurt. And the iron content in 10 grams of hemp leaf powder is as high as that in 100 grams of meat. The hemp leaf powder is therefore an ideal natural food supplement for vegans and anyone else who wants minerals in a natural form.

Hemp leaf powder

When it comes to hemp, one thinks of the delicious hemp seeds, next of the nutrient-rich hemp protein, and a third of a salad with delicious hemp oil.

The focus of all these products is hemp seed. But hardly anyone dares to think of the hemp leaf – at least not officially, as it is only too readily associated with one or the other joint.

Industrial hemp is free of intoxicants

The joint is rolled from the original cannabis plant, i.e. hemp with high THC levels. THC is the intoxicating active ingredient in THC hemp (marijuana). Growing THC hemp is illegal in most countries.

At best, two or three plants in the well-lit hobby room are tolerated in some places for personal use. However, this is not about THC hemp, but about the so-called industrial hemp.

It is THC-free and is the source of hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp oil, textiles, insulating materials, and much more.

Hemp – a real miracle plant

However, the leaves of industrial hemp have so far been little used. They were used for the production of hemp beer and hemp wine. There are also tea blends with the hemp leaf.

But discarding the leaves after the infusion is actually a shame because they are so incredibly rich in nutrients. Yes, they provide so many vital substances that you can forget about importing Moringa from somewhere far away.

Hemp grows right here on our doorstep, requires no pesticides, and improves the soil while providing three times the fiber of cotton and four times the paper of trees.

Hemp can be harvested within a few weeks and has an almost unique nutrient profile.

Hemp leaves: full of vital substances

The strikingly high calcium content in the hemp leaf powder is particularly unusual. Just 10 g of the powder contains more than 300 mg of calcium. That is already significantly more than a quarter of the daily calcium requirement.

The iron content is also very interesting at 2.4 mg per 10 g powder so the powder can also be used to optimize the iron balance.

Magnesium – the wonderfully anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and calming mineral – is present at over 40 mg in 10 g of hemp leaf powder.

In terms of calcium and magnesium, hemp leaf powder clearly surpasses moringa leaf powder. Moringa is only a little ahead when it comes to iron (2.8 mg per 10 g).

In addition, the hemp leaf is packed with antioxidant substances that protect the organism from cancer, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

The ORAC value of the hemp leaf powder is a great 44,000 – and thus far higher than the ORAC value of acai, chokeberry, mangosteen, and many other superfoods.

The antioxidants in hemp leaf powder include e.g. B. the carotenoids. A total of 12 mg are in just 10 g of hemp leaf powder. That’s more than is found in 100g of carrots. Last but not least, hemp leaf powder is an excellent nutrient for the eyes and mucous membranes.

Vitamin E – also a highly potent antioxidant – is also present at 1 mg in the hemp leaf powder. Since antioxidants also protect the blood vessels from deposits, hemp leaf powder can be used wonderfully to care for the cardiovascular system.

Hemp leaf powder: The holistic dietary supplement

The hemp plants are harvested for the hemp leaf powder just a few weeks after sowing, usually in June. The fibrous stems are then removed and the leaves are gently air-dried at below 45 degrees Celsius.

The vital substances are largely retained so hemp leaf powder is one of the greatest holistic food supplements that we know.

Because with the regular intake of hemp leaf powder, you not only provide yourself with a lot of natural calcium, magnesium, iron, and many trace elements but also absorb all these substances in a high bioavailability and in a natural compound – just as they are in the plant.

It contains all the accompanying substances that enable the best possible absorption and utilization of the nutrients and that are contained in isolated food supplements – such as e.g. B. in calcium tablets – completely absent.

Hemp Leaf Powder – The Application

The hemp leaf powder is therefore an excellent regional, natural and holistic food supplement, which in small quantities can contribute greatly to optimizing the supply of nutrients.

Especially if you want to supply more calcium or iron, you can fall back on the hemp leaf. Iron tablets, on the other hand, are often very difficult to tolerate and often lead to digestive problems, which is not the case with hemp leaf powder.

Just make sure to consume the powder with enough vitamin C (citrus juices, smoothies), as you can then increase the absorption of iron from the hemp leaf many times over.

Mix the hemp leaf powder in juices or green smoothies, for example. You can also stir it into soups or green sauces and dressings.

And if you’re making crackers, loaves of bread, or raw bread, you can also mix some hemp leaf powder into the batter to increase the nutritional value of that baked item.

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