Herb Vinegar: How to Make The Fine Condiment at Home

Making herbal vinegar is not difficult – and it’s worth it! Because the sour-spicy liquid refines many dishes and can be used as a beauty product. We will show you how to prepare and enjoy herbal vinegar.

Make and use herbal vinegar yourself

Why bother making your own vinegar when you can find the condiment in the supermarket? Very simple: because you can create your very own variety with our herbal vinegar, for example, you have full control over the ingredients, it’s cheap and not difficult at all. If you make herbal vinegar yourself with fresh herbs, it will taste just the way you love it. Another advantage: If you have your own herb garden or pots of kitchen herbs on the balcony and have a lot of them left over in autumn, the delicious greens can be preserved in vinegar. Alternatively, you can use dried thyme, sage, rosemary, dill, mint, or whatever you have on hand and like for your herbal vinegar recipe.

Homemade herbal vinegar: Here’s how

As a basic ingredient, it is best to use a good wine or apple vinegar, but it is also possible to make herbal vinegar from vinegar essence – diluted accordingly, of course. It is important that the acid content is 5 percent or more. Otherwise, all you need is a sealable container, such as a large glass or bottle. The herbal vinegar is ready in five steps:

  1. Clean the herbs thoroughly and let them dry well.
  2. Sterilize the vessel, for example by boiling it.
  3. Mix one liter of vinegar with three tablespoons of herbs and possibly spices such as pepper or nutmeg.
  4. Make sure the vinegar completely covers the herbs, seal the bottle, and leave in a dark, cool place for four weeks.
  5. Strain off the liquid and you have a healthy herbal vinegar that will keep for months.

Use of herbal vinegar

You can use your homemade herbal vinegar for numerous dishes. Typical recipes with herb vinegar are salads – whether mixed salad, coleslaw, or cucumber salad, herb vinegar gives the dressing a spicy aroma. Marinades, sauces, soups, and lentil dishes are other domains of the delicious liquid. It can also be used as a beauty product: as a conditioner, herbal vinegar cares for your hair. Just give it a try!

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