How Do You Eat Passion Fruit? Here’s How To Do it Correctly

How to eat passion fruit is not clear to everyone. The small, purple-colored fruit with a sweet and sour taste is easy to eat. All you need is a knife, a spoon, and plenty of appetites.

How to Eat Passion Fruit: Much like a kiwi โ€” with a spoon

Passion fruits are small, purple-colored fruits that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Among other things, the exotic fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, various B vitamins, potassium, and iron.

  • The pulp and seeds of the passion fruit, which looks similar to passion fruit, are edible. The skin, however, is not edible.
  • Before eating, the peel of the fruit should be thoroughly rinsed under running water. Then cut the passion fruit in half. You can then simply scoop out the flesh โ€“ similar to a kiwi.
  • Passion fruit is delicious in a fruit salad. The jelly-like pulp can also be stirred into yogurt or muesli. Also refreshing are jellies or jams as well as juices and cocktails made from or with passion fruit.
  • You can recognize a ripe passion fruit by the fact that it feels heavy in your hand. On the other hand, if the fruit is light, this is a sign that the pulp has already dried out.
  • When buying passion fruit, you should pay attention to the dark color of the skin. A shriveled shell without bruises is not bad. This is just a sign that the skin has been dehydrated and the fruit should be eaten quickly.

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