How Healthy Is Pumpernickel? Ingredients, Nutrients And Effect On Digestion

Even before we get to the bottom of the question of whether pumpernickel is healthy, it is important to know what the Westphalian specialty is. We also explain possible positive effects – also for a pumpernickel diet. Sign up with us and find out more.

What is pumpernickel?

Pumpernickel is a special type of bread with a sweet, slightly roasted aroma and a juicy consistency that is baked using a traditional manufacturing process. Rye and wholemeal meal serve as the basis. Both go in a closed box first to bake at 200 degrees in the oven, followed by around 16 hours at 100 degrees in steam chambers. On the one hand, this creates the compact, juicy consistency, and on the other hand, the starch of the grain becomes sugar. This in turn caramelizes and favors the slightly sweet taste and the dark color. Above all, the extended baking time also extends the shelf life of the bread – and at the same time makes preservatives unnecessary. Another reason why pumpernickel is considered healthy. Especially since the bread specialty contains all kinds of nutrients, such as zinc, chloride, and phosphorus. Another advantage of pumpernickel is the dietary fiber it contains.

Pumpernickel: good for digestion?

The roughage in pumpernickel is of particular importance. 100 grams of the bread specialty should already cover a third of the recommended daily ration. It is precisely this fiber that is supposed to stimulate digestion by nourishing healthy intestinal bacteria. This also contributes to the generally healthy image of pumpernickel. Nutrients, minerals, roughage: In principle, everything is there. However, a pure pumpernickel diet is not healthy because it would definitely be too one-sided. The aromatic bread is still a good basis as basis – especially since high-fiber foods keep you full for longer and pumpernickel can therefore help you lose weight. At least if you combine it correctly and pay attention to what other foods you eat. Let yourself be inspired by our pumpernickel recipes. Fresh vegetables, lean fish, or low-fat dairy products, in particular, are good ideas as culinary accompaniments. Also, discover what else Westphalian cuisine has to offer – and add variety and diversity to your menu.

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