How Long Do You Have To Roast Liver?

Do you remember liver from your childhood days, when it was deliciously prepared in grandma’s kitchen? Surely you can too! We’ll tell you how long you should roast liver so that it ends up as a tender delicacy on your plate.

Eat without hesitation

The liver can be eaten by almost any animal. The choice between calf’s liver, beef, pork, or chicken liver also means a price difference, but it depends above all on the palate’s preferences.
Even though the liver is known as a filtering organ, we can safely enjoy it. Not only because of the good taste but also because of the many vitamins it contains, it is a valuable part of your diet. So it would be a shame not to do that.

Familiar with the plate

In German home cooking, the liver is served as a delicacy in many kitchens. In the past, offal was considered poor people’s food. Glad that has changed. Today, in addition to the popular classic method of preparation, there is an unlimited variety of recipes from the chicken liver to goose liver.

Liver – The Differences

Have you tried your way through the different varieties? Goose or calf’s liver is the most expensive variety along with lamb’s liver, but they are particularly tender. Alternatives such as beef liver taste much more bitter and, like pork liver, are much darker in color. They are suitable, for example, for stews. Chicken liver is inexpensive and goes very well in a casserole or ragout. Wild liver, which is also tender and delicious, is usually reserved for hunters and is therefore difficult to obtain.

Preparation for roasting

To ensure that the meat of the liver is particularly tender and not tough, you can follow a few tips when preparing for roasting:

  • Remove tendons, fat, and outer skin
  • place in the milk bath for an hour
  • dredge in flour on both sides
  • Heat a generous amount of oil, butter, or lard

Tip: For particularly juicy meat, only add the salt after roasting.

Off to the pan

Good preparation is one thing. The roasting time is also crucial for the liver to remain nice and tender. No matter which variety you choose, a few minutes of vigorous roasting per side is enough.

And this is how you do it:

  • Fry both sides vigorously in fat for two minutes
  • turn down the heat
  • Fry for a further 10 minutes on a low flame or
  • Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for the same amount of time
  • season and serve

Are you still unsure about the right cooking time? You can use a fork to test whether the liver is done. If there is still liquid or blood, wait a few more minutes.

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