Is Asparagus Healthy? Myth Simply Explained

Asparagus really is that healthy

Due to the complex cultivation, the asparagus is only very rarely cheap. But the investment is worth it: Its numerous health effects put the price into perspective.

  • Asparagus is dehydrating and one of the biggest enemies of kidney stones.
  • It also provides you with magnesium, folic acid, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins. The dietary fibers it contains stimulate digestion.
  • The inulin in asparagus promotes healthy intestinal bacteria and thus ensures a healthy intestinal flora. You will also find phytochemicals in the form of carotene, rutin, and zeaxanthin, which have many health effects.
  • Asparagus is low in carbohydrates and low in sugar. Diabetics can therefore access carefree.
  • But asparagus can do even more: the vegetable contains saponins. Thus, asparagus can even help with infections caused by fungi such as Candida.
  • Rutin and quercetin make asparagus a healthy food in terms of your blood vessels.
  • If you suffer from exhaustion, regular consumption of asparagus is a gain for your physical strength. Asparagus is said to be effective against cancer, especially leukemia. In exactly the same way, it is said to have positive effects on Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The high vitamin E content can have an aphrodisiac effect – also because it has a positive effect on the states of exhaustion mentioned.
  • The asparagus has an optimal effect on breastfeeding and pregnant women due to its high folate content. If you are breastfeeding, asparagus stimulates milk production.
  • All in all, asparagus is tasty and above all a very healthy vegetable. Access the all-rounder as often as you can.

Asparagus Diet – effective in many ways

Asparagus purifies and detoxifies. If you want to lose weight, you can never go wrong with asparagus – on the contrary.

  • The high potassium content, together with the sodium it contains, means that asparagus has a diuretic and cleansing effect. Asparagus is extremely good for people who have trouble urinating.
  • So if you prefer a diuretic home remedy to chemistry, drink the broth of cooked asparagus. With a bit of spice added, this can be a very flavorful drink. By the way, you can also cook the broth just from the shells. So you were really forgoing all of the healthy vegetables.
  • You won’t find more calories in asparagus than in tomatoes, namely 20 per 100 grams. Asparagus is therefore low in calories, high in fiber, and friendly to blood sugar. So it is not only an optimal vegetable for diabetics, but also if you want to lose excess pounds.

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