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Soy plays an important role in vegan nutrition. How healthy the soybean really is, however, is a controversial topic and numerous studies have already dealt with the topic.

Soy – really healthy?

It is undisputed that soy contains healthy ingredients. However, there are also components of the soybean that raise doubts as to whether soy is actually good for health.

  • Soy is particularly convincing with its proteins, which our body utilizes very well and is particularly important for a vegan diet.
  • In addition, soy can score particularly well with plant-based iron, folic acid, flavonoids, saponins, calcium, and vitamin B6.
  • Not only good for the figure, but also for health is that soy contains hardly any fat and is also cholesterol-free.
  • The critical component of soybeans is the isoflavones. The secondary plant substances have both a cancer-promoting and cell-protecting effect. However, there are still no verified scientific results on the extent to which animal experiments can be transferred to humans.
  • Scientists are currently assuming that the effect of soybeans also depends on the amount consumed. They, therefore, recommend consuming no more than a maximum of 25 grams of soy protein per day. This corresponds, for example, to about 300 grams of tofu or 80 grams of soy milk.
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