Make Beetroot Juice Yourself – That’s How It Works

How to make beetroot juice yourself

Enjoy the beetroot raw and benefit from its numerous vitamins. Unfortunately, some of the vitamins are lost during cooking. A delicious way to enjoy beetroot is beetroot juice.

  • If you want to make beetroot juice yourself, it is best to use young and small tubers. These contain more sweetness than the larger and mostly older beetroots.
  • Before you can juice the vegetables, you need to prepare the beets. Basically, you should clean and wash the tubers. If the shell is very soft, you don’t necessarily have to remove it.
    Now cut the beetroot into pieces. Then a juicer is used. Add the chopped vegetables.
  • The beetroot juice is now ready. If you prefer it particularly clear, you can also let it run through a fine cloth or a coffee filter.
  • Tip: Refine your beetroot juice with other types of fruit or vegetables. The red tuber goes very well with carrots, apples, and pears.
  • A little tip: After juicing, put the beetroot juice in the blender. Take some frozen cherries and whisk the two components together. So you get a fruity and ice-cold refreshment drink.

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