Make Oat Milk From Whole Oats Yourself – That’s How It Works

You can make oat milk relatively easily from whole oats. You don’t need much, just a little time. In return, you save a lot of money and create the oat milk that tastes best to you.

Make your oat milk from whole oats – you need that

Homemade oat milk has two decisive advantages over the oat drink from the supermarket: On the one hand, you know exactly what is in your self-made oat milk and, on the other hand, your homemade oat drink is many times cheaper.

  • By the way, behind the designation oat drink and the designation oat milk hides the same drink. Due to an EU requirement, only animal products may be labeled as milk. For this reason, oat milk is called oat drink in the supermarket. Of course, we can call our homemade oat milk whatever we want and that’s why we stick to this name.
  • For the oat milk made from whole oats, you need oat grains, which you can get in almost all health food stores. In addition, water is required. So that the oat milk doesn’t taste too bland, we also need a few dates to sweeten it.
  • Well chilled, the oat milk will keep for about five days. Accordingly, you can calculate well in advance how much oat milk you want to produce in one operation.
  • To make a liter of oat milk yourself, you need about 150 grams of oats and ten dates. The more oat grains you use, the thicker the consistency of your oat milk will be. The more dates you add, the sweeter the drink will be. After a few tries, you will quickly find out the exact quantity for your optimal oat milk.

Oat milk from whole oats – this is how you make the drink yourself

It is best to prepare homemade oat milk in the evening, as oats need some preparation time before they can be processed further. The oat grains must be soaked for at least ten hours before they can be processed into oat milk.

  • Rinse the oat grains well first to remove any impurities. Then pour the cleaned oat grains into a bowl and add half a liter of water. Put the dates in a bowl and cover them with water.
  • After the oat kernels have been in the water for at least 10 hours, drain the water. Pour the water from the soaked dates into a knife cup. Then add enough water until you have one liter of liquid in the measuring cup.
  • The water, the soaked dates, and the oat grains are finally put into a blender. Depending on your taste, refine your oat milk with a pinch of cinnamon, for example. After you have pureed the mixture for around 30 seconds at the highest level, your homemade oat milk is ready.
  • Your oat milk is not just a refreshing drink for in-between. You can also use them to cook desserts such as pudding. However, you still need to experiment a bit, since oat milk has a different consistency than animal milk. For example, oat milk contains starch

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