Make Vanilla Yoghurt Yourself: That’s How it Works

Make your own vanilla yoghurt: you need it

If you want to make your own vanilla yoghurt, you need a few ingredients and utensils.

  • For your vanilla yoghurt, you need 1L whole milk and 100g of natural yoghurt.
  • You also need vanilla, of course. A vanilla pod is enough here.
  • You will also need two packs of bourbon vanilla sugar.
  • If you have a yoghurt maker, you can of course use it.
  • Alternatively, you can also prepare the yoghurt in the oven. In any case, you need sealable jars for your yoghurt.

DIY vanilla yoghurt: the instructions

Once you have everything you need ready, you can start preparing your vanilla yoghurt.

  1. First, scrape the pulp out of the vanilla bean.
  2. Then put the vanilla pulp, the milk and the vanilla pod as well as the vanilla sugar in a saucepan and boil everything together.
  3. When the milk has cooled, remove the vanilla bean and stir in the yoghurt thoroughly. Now pour the mixture into the yoghurt glasses.
  4. If you have a yoghurt maker, let your vanilla yoghurt mature there for about 10 hours. If you like your yoghurt firmer, extend the maturing time. However, then more acid is formed.
  5. Alternatively, you can also place the open yoghurt jars in an oven heated to 50 degrees. After half an hour, switch off the oven but leave the glasses in the oven overnight.
  6. You should keep your vanilla yoghurt tightly closed in the fridge. Within three or four days you can consume it without any worries.
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