Mango: This is How You Recognize a Ripe, Fruity Mango

Recognizing mature mange is relatively easy. With a few little tricks, you can quickly find out whether it has been in the store for some time or has just found its place on the shelf. By the way, ripe mangoes are more popular.

A ripe mango – this is how you determine the degree of ripeness

There are several ways to determine the ripeness of a mango. However, fruits that are just unripe are usually not suitable for processing or consumption. Especially people with sensitive stomachs can have problems when eating unripe mangoes.

  • Push: The first test is the push test. Check with light finger pressure whether the shell yields to the mange. If this is the case, then it is ripe.
  • Smell: Another way to tell if a mango is ripe is to smell it. Fruit that is still unripe usually smells quite neutral. If the mango is already ripe, it smells quite intense.
  • Cutting: This test is only suitable if you already have the mango at home. If you want to determine how ripe the fruit is, you can do a pruning test. Cut a small area with a knife. You can now see from the color of the flesh how ripe the mango is. The ripe mango impresses with its radiant orange.

Ripe mango – preparation tips

A ripe mango can be used for many delicious dishes and drinks. It is very healthy and rich in vitamins. In addition, it seems exotic. Mango is always something special.

  • Smoothie: A particularly tasty option is to prepare a smoothie. Cut the mango into small pieces or cubes, add a little water, milk, or plain yogurt and mix with an immersion blender or blender. This is perfect for starting the day.
  • Mango cake is also delicious. Especially as a simple alternative to various cream cakes, this one is light and fresh. Simply cover a cake base with it.
  • Mangoes are also suitable as an addition to muesli. Along with milk and cereal, mangoes with muesli are a welcome change from the traditional breakfast.

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