Peel Potatoes: The Best Tips and Tricks

You can peel potatoes raw or cooked. In this tip on cooking, we explain which variant you should prefer and how you can easily peel potatoes.

Peel potatoes – raw or boiled

The easiest way to peel raw potatoes is with a vegetable peeler.

  • It makes much more sense, however, to remove the shell after cooking. The skin acts like a protective cover.
  • Cooking the tubers with their skins on reduces the loss of vitamins and other healthy components of the potato.
  • Theoretically, you can also eat the skin of the potato. Among other things, it contains plenty of dietary fiber.
  • But then you should make sure that there are no green spots on the earth’s fruit. In addition, it should not germinate. In addition, you should only eat the peel of ripe potatoes.
  • There is a lot of poisonous solanine in unripe potatoes. The same applies to the green spots on the potatoes just mentioned.
  • Although these toxins are water-soluble, they migrate into the cooking water when cooking. However, if you intend to eat the skin, you should definitely cut out the green areas before cooking.

How to easily peel boiled potatoes

Since the skin, as already mentioned, keeps the healthy components of the potato in the tuber during cooking, you should only peel the potatoes after cooking.

  • To make this easy, score the skin lightly and thinly with a sharp knife all around the thickest point before cooking.
  • Then cook the potatoes as usual until done.
  • When cooking, the skin separates so far from the tuber that you can then simply peel it off with your finger.
  • The skin can be removed even more easily if you shock the boiled potatoes in ice water for about ten seconds.

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