Peel the Pumpkin: It’s Easy with These Tricks

Peel the pumpkin raw – that’s how it works

Before you start peeling the pumpkin, get the necessary tools ready. You don’t need much, just a stable surface, such as a large wooden board, and a knife. The knife should be very sharp and the right size. Otherwise peeling could become very tiring.

  • If you want to peel the raw pumpkin in one piece, first recapitulate it by cutting off a straight piece at the top and bottom. After that, you will have a good support surface so that the squash stays in place while you cut it and does not roll back and forth. Starting from the upper cutting point, remove the shell by slicing it down with the knife from the point where you cut it.
  • If you chop the pumpkin, peeling is much more convenient. First, cut the pumpkin in half and then remove the seeds and fibers. A melon cutter is just as suitable for this as a spoon. Then cut the two pumpkin halves lengthwise into individual pieces, which you can then easily peel and dice if necessary.
  • Tip: If peeling the pumpkin is too difficult for you, try the Hokkaido pumpkin. One of its advantages is that it doesn’t need to be peeled.

Quickly peel off the pumpkin peel

It becomes much easier if you briefly bake the pumpkin before peeling it.

  1. First, cut the pumpkin in half and remove the fibers and seeds.
  2. Then set the oven to around 180 degrees and leave the pumpkin halves in the oven for a few minutes.
  3. Once the edges of the squash flesh have darkened slightly, remove the squash from the oven.
  4. Finally, peel the skin off the halves once the squash has cooled again. You can then process the pumpkin further, for example into a pumpkin soup.
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