Porridge: The Oatmeal Is So Healthy

Who doesn’t know it from the past, the good old oatmeal? Or as they say today: porridge. Especially when we were children, it was impossible to imagine breakfast without it. It meant an inexpensive meal that kept you full for a long time and gave you a lot of energy for the day ahead. But what is actually in the porridge?

What is porridge?

Porridge is a typical English breakfast dish. Porridge is nothing more than warm oatmeal, the main ingredients of which are oatmeal and water and/or milk. Porridge has now become the real trend food and is becoming increasingly popular.

How do you make porridge?

Making porridge is very easy and, above all, quick. For 1 portion of porridge: Heat 40 g oat flakes, 140 ml milk, water, or plant-based drink and 1 pinch salt in a saucepan while stirring constantly. Simmer gently for 2-3 minutes until it has a mushy consistency. Refine with honey, cinnamon, fruit, nuts, or seeds as you like.

Where does porridge come from?

Porridge originally comes from Scotland and was a typical “poor man’s meal”. The ingredients were and are cheap and the meal keeps you full for a long time.

In the past, porridge was usually mixed with water, boiled, and only then was the finished porridge dipped in cream or cold milk by the spoonful and finally eaten. Today, the oat flakes are boiled directly in milk or water and the porridge is then eaten warm, usually for breakfast.

Why are oats so healthy?

Oatmeal hides well that it is a real superfood. The concentrated nutrient power is in the inconspicuous muesli ingredient. Nutrition experts even consider oats to be the healthiest type of grain, because oats are always processed from whole grain. In this way, all valuable ingredients are retained. In addition, the small flakes contain so-called insoluble fiber. These bind water in the intestine and swell up. This means that we are full faster and, above all, longer. Due to their water-binding ability, they also promote digestion, as this increases the volume of the stool.

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