Protein Snacks: Delicacies For The Increased Protein Requirement

Muscle building, general fitness, or a low-carb diet: the increased intake of protein serves many purposes. Whatever goals you are pursuing with the extra protein, protein snacks provide the nutrient in a compact form.

High in protein and tasty: protein snacks

Nutrition experts agree that they are generally not necessary for recreational athletes: high-protein snacks. If you are healthy and eat a balanced diet, you usually have no problem consuming the recommended amount of protein with your main meals. However, there is nothing wrong with occasional protein snacks such as our protein bars, as long as they are not consumed in excessive quantities and are even intended to replace a meal. This is especially true if you make your own protein snacks so you know exactly what’s in them. Finished products often contain a lot of sugar, plus undesirable preservatives and flavor enhancers. You can put together your own protein bars and protein shakes according to your preferences. The protein-rich snacks then fill you up very well without raising your blood sugar and making you hungry again soon. An effect that the Montignac method relies on when losing weight, for example, and a reason why protein is found in many of our recipes for low-calorie snacks.

What should athletes look for in protein snacks?

While fitness snacks ideally have a balanced nutrient composition, designated protein snacks should be low carb or at least have a significantly lower carbohydrate content than energy bars. This is particularly important for weight training nutrition if you want to build muscle mass in a targeted manner and do not get the recommended amount of protein with regular meals. Our protein bread can also help with this.

Endurance athletes, who may have an increased protein requirement during intensive training phases, do not need to look too closely at the sugar content. They usually burn off the extra energy easily. Bars or biscuits are ideal protein snacks for on the go – for example when cycling or during longer runs. Incidentally, they are considered to be high in protein if the protein content accounts for at least 20 percent of the total calorific value.

A snack high in protein and hearty

Protein snacks from the supermarket are usually sweet, but you can also use hearty snacks with lots of protein. Yogurt with nuts, low-fat quark with vegetables, bean salad, tuna on protein bread, Harz cheese, cottage cheese, roasted chickpeas, lentil balls, or quinoa patties are just a few examples – the range is wide and also includes vegan protein snacks. Since protein-rich snacks like these do not contain sugar, they contribute to a balanced diet and are also recommended alternatives to chocolate, cake, and the like as office snacks.

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