Protein Ice Cream: Make Your Own Creamy Treat With Protein Powder

In summer, for many people, there is nothing more delicious than cool ice cream – if it weren’t for the many calories. Protein ice cream saves on sugar and provides a lot of protein. We’ll tell you here whether it’s healthy and how you can make the low-carb treat yourself.

Protein-rich refreshment: protein ice cream

Licking an ice cream on hot days is simply part of summer for many – vanilla ice cream is even part of the strict military diet. However, the high sugar content often prevents the refreshment from being consumed with a clear conscience. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to sweets, protein ice cream may be the answer. Like the conventional refreshment, the low-carb ice cream is available in a wide variety of flavors from cappuccino to vanilla. However, it contains about five times more protein and only half as much fat – an ideal source of protein. Instead of sugar, substitutes such as xylitol usually provide a sweet taste. Finished high-protein ice cream is advertised as a fitness booster for athletes who need a lot of protein to build muscle. But even less active people should be able to snack healthier with the treat.

Recommended in moderation

The Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) takes a critical view of the trend food because healthy people do not need an extra amount of protein. The recommendation for adults is to consume 0.8 to 1 gram per kilogram of body weight every day. The BZfE points out that excessive protein consumption over a long period of time can damage the kidneys. However, if you pay attention to the overall balance of protein intake, you can enjoy protein ice cream more often. In summer, start the day with a cool refreshment to pick you up instead of a breakfast shake. Treating protein ice cream as a meal and not constantly munching it keeps the calorie count in balance. Because protein also has an impact of 5.4 kilocalories per gram and is therefore not slimmer per se. For comparison: Carbohydrates contain 4.1 kilocalories per gram.

Easy recipes for homemade protein ice cream

Health-conscious people make their own protein ice cream and thus retain control over the ingredients. This can also be done without an ice cream maker and is particularly easy with a protein powder in your favorite flavor. In addition, simply take water and frozen fruit such as strawberries or banana pieces and mix everything in a blender for a few seconds on high and then on low power until the ice cream becomes creamy. Instead of water – find out how to make water ice yourself – you can also use yogurt or low-fat quark and some (plant) milk. Almond butter, spices such as cinnamon, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, cookie crumbs, grated coconut, and cold espresso for a protein iced coffee are also suitable ingredients. Have fun experimenting with your protein ice cream!

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