Rescue Box: These 3 Providers Save Fruit and Vegetables

There are so-called rescue boxes so that food that does not end up for sale in the supermarket because of its appearance is not thrown away. By buying such a box you can counteract food waste. We present three providers below.

Save groceries from the bin with rescue boxes

Rescue boxes actively fight against food waste.

  • Due to deviations from the norm, many foods do not reach the food retail trade and are instead left on the fields, destroyed, or used to generate energy.
  • However, the deviations only affect the appearance of the food, for example in terms of shape, size, or color, and are therefore actually just as suitable for consumption as those foods that comply with the standard.
  • Suppliers such as Etepetete, Rübenretter, or Afreshed offer these non-standard foods for sale and thus actively fight against food waste.
  • Groceries such as fruit or vegetables are sent to your home in a box. As a rule, you have to take out a subscription and the box will then be sent to you at certain delivery intervals.

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