Rice Cakes: The Snack Really Is That Healthy

That makes rice cakes healthy

Rice cakes are a practical snack that can be packed up quickly and are ideal for bridging hunger. But what exactly makes them so attractive as a break snack?

  • Ingredients: There is a manageable number of ingredients in a rice cake. That alone makes them attractive. They are made from puffed rice. In the typical circular shape, they are often additionally sweetened with honey (healthy). Other varieties are covered with chocolate, for example (rather unhealthy).
  • Nutritional value: A rice cake is low in calories, low in sugar and fat-free if it has no coating. It contains a lot of fiber and vitamins.
  • For this reason, it is also very good for the body and children especially love the snack.
  • Many rice cakes are also made from whole grain rice, which means the husks have been incorporated. This ensures that there are also healthy minerals in the waffle.
    effect on the body? The carbohydrates in the waffle give the body new energy and help against fast hunger. The roughage and the few ingredients make the rice cake an easily digestible snack, even for a sensitive stomach.
  • And also in general: Compared to other sweets, the rice cake is a healthy snack alternative, even if it has been covered with chocolate.

Rice cakes: pros and cons

Rice cakes have also been somewhat discredited for some time. For this reason, we would like to briefly show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of the popular snack:

  • Advantages: As already mentioned, rice cakes or corn cakes are very healthy in terms of their ingredients. They are a healthy candy and a hunger killer. Rice cakes are also great as a substitute for bread. They are also gluten-free and therefore a good alternative for people with gluten intolerance.
  • Disadvantages: Like other rice products, rice cakes contain the natural substance arsenic, which is absorbed from the soil by rice plants. Due to the special way the waffle is made, the arsenic seems to get through more than in other rice products. Arsenic is considered a carcinogen and has also been linked to other diseases.
  • A 2012 study by Öko-Test tested some rice cakes for arsenic and found worryingly high levels of the substance. Especially in connection with children and babies, rice cakes should be enjoyed with caution and in moderation.
  • It is best to use high-quality rice cakes and find out about the arsenic content in the various cakes before you buy them.
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