Rose Water For Baking: What You Should Pay Attention To

Use of rose water in baking

Rose water in the kitchen is not uncommon. For example, this ingredient is highly valued and frequently used in Arabic and Indian regions. Real marzipan is also refined with rose water. How to best use it for baking, you will learn in this practical tip.

  • Rose water is essential water. It is a by-product of the production of rose petal oil.
  • When using, be sure to use high-quality rose water that comes from unsprayed leaves. You can get it in health food stores or pharmacies.
  • The second option is: you make rose water yourself. You can also save money and know exactly what’s in it.
  • The use of rose water in pastries creates a lovely floral taste. It is popular in do-it-yourself chocolate pralines, rice flour biscuits, and British shortbread.
  • But beware! Rose water is very aromatic and intense. A teaspoon is enough for many recipes. Try out which dosage is comfortable for you. A few drops can suffice in most cases.
  • Of course, the slightly perfumed taste isn’t for everyone. It’s best to try a few rosewater recipes first and see if you like the taste.

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