Jura Coffee Machine: Remove the Drainage Valve – This Is How It Works

Instructions: Remove and repair the drainage valve of the Jura coffee machine

You can buy a completely new drainage valve for around 20 euros. Since it is usually not the valve but only the seals that are defective, you can also buy the seal set for around 5 euros and repair the valve.

  1. Take the drainage valve and a slotted screwdriver that is as small as possible. In a pinch, a small kitchen knife will do.
  2. Pull the silver locking pin out of the holder. You can then remove the valve. The spring usually jumps off at the same time.
  3. If you loosen the black covers on the left and right of the valve, you can remove the two red sealing rings from the inside.
  4. There is also a sealing ring in the third upper opening of the valve that must be removed. There are two smaller seals on the valve holder.
  5. Reinstall the new gaskets where you previously removed the old gaskets. If necessary, press them into the holes with the screwdriver. However, avoid damage from excessive pressure.
  6. Insert the valve into the holder and fix it with the locking pin.

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