Rosemary During Pregnancy: What You Should Pay Attention To

Certain foods and herbs are not always allowed or well tolerated during pregnancy. Because they can affect the health of your unborn child. You can find out here whether this also applies to rosemary.

Rosemary allowed as a spice during pregnancy

Even during pregnancy, you do not have to do without the Mediterranean cuisine with rosemary. Because rosemary is usually only used in small quantities in these cases.

  • If you only use rosemary as a spice in the kitchen in moderation, you don’t have to do without the herb.
  • Rosemary itself has a labor-inducing effect. Consumed in small amounts, however, you do not have to be afraid of a normal pregnancy. It is only very important that you consume rosemary in a very small amount.
  • If your pregnancy is complicated, you should definitely avoid rosemary. Otherwise, you should discuss with your gynecologist whether you should avoid rosemary or not.

Rosemary essential oils are prohibited

Essential rosemary oil promotes blood circulation. It should therefore never be used during pregnancy.

  • The labor-inducing effect of rosemary essential oil is much higher than in the form of a spice.
  • Rosemary oil should therefore be avoided, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Even with a normal pregnancy, you should therefore not use rosemary oil.
  • This is because rosemary oil can severely damage your unborn baby’s nervous system.

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