Salad In A Jar: This Is How It Stays Crisp

Salad in a jar is a healthy trend in the USA. Layer the salad in the right order for an easy snack for the office. We’ll show you how lettuce stays crisp in a jar until lunchtime.

Crunchy salad in a glass – the right layers

If salad is dressed with dressing, it becomes soggy quite quickly. If you put the ingredients in a certain order in a suitable glass, it stays nice and crisp for a long time.

  • All foods that are solid go into the jar first. This can be pieces of potato, for example, but also rice or pasta.
  • Everything should of course be cooked al dente beforehand.
  • The next layer is moist or liquid food. One is the dressing. But dairy products such as yogurt are also included in this layer.
  • A layer of vegetables follows. Prepare your salad in a jar with peppers or tomatoes, then put them on the dressing.
  • Then add all the protein-containing ingredients next. This can be boiled eggs or strips of fried meat.
  • The delicate lettuce leaves are at the top. If you serve your salad with sprouts, put them in this layer as well.
  • Use roasted nuts as a topping and add them to the lettuce.
  • Now close the jar tightly with a lid, so it is guaranteed to stay crisp until lunchtime and even longer.
  • To finally enjoy your salad in the glass, simply shake all the ingredients vigorously.

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