Salami Or Mettwurst: These Are The Differences

The differences between salami and mettwurst are not immediately apparent. Probably the biggest difference is that mettwurst is spreadable and salami is not. But there are more differences.

These are the differences between salami and mettwurst

Salami and Mettwurst have some differences. Salami is known as a sliceable raw sausage and Mettwurst as a spreadable sausage. Differences lie in the production and the ingredients used.

Salami was originally made from a donkey or mule meat. Nowadays the meat of the salami comes from beef, pork, or turkey. The Mettwurst, on the other hand, traditionally consists of pork, beef, or bacon.
The difference in production between mett and salami lies in the length of the smoking process. Salami is smoked for up to 24 hours, while Mettwurst is smoked for around 12 hours. Salami then has a maturing period of four to six days, and Mettwurst a week. However, these maturing times can also be longer.
Typical for salami is the noble mold covering in light and greyish color. Mettwurst does not have such a topping.

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