Smoking Trout Properly: The Best Tips and Tricks

You can easily smoke trout yourself at home. The trout must first be prepared properly, then you can cook them in the smoker. With our tips and tricks, you will succeed in making your own smoked trout.

Smoke trout – the right preparation

Trout are usually hot smoked. However, before you start smoking, you should prepare the trout properly.

  1. Get some fresh trout and take them out. Then clean the trout. Also, remove the gills.
  2. Now the trout are soaked in brine. It is best to get a ready-made brine or smoked liquor from the tackle shop.
  3. Depending on how big the trout are, they have to be soaked in the brine for different lengths of time.
  4. For a trout weighing around 300 to 500 grams, it is advisable to mix 60 g of brine with one liter of water and soak the trout in it overnight. Ten to twelve hours should be enough.
  5. Once the trout have sat in the brine long enough, they should be removed from the brine. Place the fish on a wire rack for half an hour to drain.
  6. Now take smoking hooks and pull each individual trout onto a hook so that you can then hang them up in the smoker.

Tips and tricks for smoking

In order to be able to smoke trout, you need a suitable smoker. These are available in a wide variety of versions. For example, you can choose from a table smoker, a smoker barrel, or a brick smoker.

  1. No matter which oven you ultimately choose, it is important that the oven is well heated up before smoking. Use beech wood for this, for example. The temperature should be around 70 degrees Celsius.
  2. Before you hang the trout in the oven, you can throw smoke dust on the burning logs. In addition to beech wood shavings, the flour contains smoked spices that refine your fish.
  3. Trout stay in the oven for about 45 minutes. You can tell whether the trout are ready by the golden yellow color of the trout and by the dorsal fin. This should pull out with a slight pull.
  4. You can enjoy the trout immediately after smoking.

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