Grate Horseradish – That’s How it Works

By grating horseradish, you release the vegetable’s signature aroma. Since the root is very hot, the horseradish is prepared very finely. Read here what else you should consider when preparing healthy vegetables.

Grating horseradish – the preliminary work

The sharp taste of horseradish results from the high proportion of mustard oil. To ensure that the vegetables do not lose any of their nutrients and their unmistakable aroma, only use as much horseradish as you currently need.

  • In addition to the essential oils, horseradish contains a lot of vitamin C as well as potassium and B vitamins. If you are looking for a vitamin C donor, it is better to use horseradish than a lemon, the vegetable contains twice as much of the vitamin.
  • Before grating the fresh horseradish, peel the root. The skin of the vegetables is quite woody and uneven, so a very sharp kitchen knife is recommended.
  • As already mentioned, you should only cut off as much of the root as you need. Place the remaining part unpeeled in a food storage container or wrap it in cling film.
  • Horseradish will keep for a good two weeks in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

Grating horseradish – you should keep this in mind when preparing the vegetables

After peeling the horseradish, process the vegetables immediately.

  • The spicy horseradish is chopped up with a vegetable slicer or a raw vegetable grater.
  • You can also get special graters that you can use to finely chop horseradish and other hard roots, such as ginger.
  • If you are very sensitive, use a little decency when rubbing the root. Sensitive eyes quickly become irritated by the pungent mustard oil released by the rubbing.
  • The same tips that successfully prevent weeping when cutting onions are helpful in this case.
  • Important: Put the grated horseradish in the finely grated state uncooked in the sauce or over the respective dish. If you boil the horseradish, the sensitive aromas are lost.
  • The grated horseradish has the property to quickly take on an ugly brown color in the air. If you sprinkle it with lemon juice, the spice remains attractively white.
  • If there is any left over from the grated horseradish, put it in a sealable jar and put the rest in the fridge. The chopped horseradish can be kept for about a week. But you should use it up as soon as possible.

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