Stew Chinese Cabbage – That’s How It Works

Steaming Chinese cabbage: That’s what matters

Chinese cabbage is not only healthy but also quick and easy to prepare.

  • Before you can prepare the vegetables, you only need a little preparation with Chinese cabbage.
  • With Chinese cabbage, you only have to remove the outer leaves. You can then remove the individual leaves and wash them in cold salt water.
  • To steam, cut the Chinese cabbage leaves into strips.
  • So that the autumn vegetables do not lose their crunchiness and healthy ingredients, you should steam them for a maximum of five to seven minutes.
  • Tip: You do not have to remove the leaf veins from Chinese cabbage, you can steam them as well. So that the thin leaves do not become too soft during preparation, steam the thick ribs first and add the tender leaves a minute or two later.

Stewing Chinese cabbage: A simple recipe

For better illustration, we also have a simple recipe for you on how to steam the Chinese cabbage properly.

  • As already described, first remove the outer leaves and wash the Chinese cabbage.
  • To ensure that the Chinese cabbage later steams evenly, first cut the thick center ribs from the leaves and then the cabbage into fine strips.
  • Finely dice an onion. Also, cut 200g of bacon into small pieces.
  • First, fry the bacon and onion in a pan with a little oil.
  • Now first add the chopped thicker ribs of the Chinese cabbage. Fry these for about half a minute.
  • Then put the rest of the Chinese cabbage in the pot. It too should sauté for about a minute.
  • Deglaze everything with 200ml meat stock. Now steam the vegetables for about five to six minutes in the saucepan with a lid.
  • Now stir down 100ml cream and taste the Chinese cabbage with salt and pepper. The vegetable dish is now ready and can be eaten.

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