Storing Mushrooms: This Is How It Works!

Whether raw in a salad or fried with hot dishes: mushrooms are popular and often served. But the mushrooms are also quite sensitive. So how should you store fresh mushrooms?

They are low in calories, contain valuable minerals – and taste so deliciously aromatic: That’s why so many people love mushrooms. But it is also important to know how to store fresh mushrooms. Because the sensitive mushrooms quickly resent incorrect storage and can no longer be enjoyed. So what’s the best way to store mushrooms?

Store fresh mushrooms correctly

Make sure you only buy fresh mushrooms: hands off bruises, brown spots, or a musty smell. It is best to process them immediately after shopping – that is when the mushrooms taste the most aromatic. However, if they are to be kept for a few days, storing mushrooms is in principle very simple: they can be kept cool and airy for one to three days without any problems.

In any case, you should store the mushrooms in the fridge, in the crisper. Alternatively, a cool basement is also possible. But it should be dry, otherwise, the mushrooms will absorb moisture and become slippery.

How to store mushrooms

With these three tips, storage is good for the mushrooms:

Storing mushrooms in the packaging:

If you bought the mushrooms in a bowl with a protective film, you can put them in the fridge as long as the film is equipped with micro-perforations – the mushrooms get enough air through the smallest air holes.

Storage of champignons in a dry cloth or paper

Loose specimens (or if you prefer to take the mushrooms out of the packaging after all) can also be wrapped in a cotton cloth and stored dry. Paper is also suitable as a wrapper to store the mushrooms for a few days.

Never store mushrooms in plastic or next to strong-smelling foods

Under no circumstances should you store the mushrooms in a plastic bag, possibly still closed: this will make them damp and rot. Mushrooms also quickly absorb foreign odors, which affects the aroma. Therefore, they should not be stored next to fish, cheese, or onions.

If you follow these tips, you can store mushrooms wonderfully and enjoy them even after a few days.

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