Substitute for Psyllium Husks: Two Good Alternatives

Flea seed shells are not always found in the pantry, a replacement is needed. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of them. The only alternatives are chia seeds and flaxseeds. In the post, you will learn more about psyllium husk and other options for this.

Possible substitute for psyllium husk

Unfortunately, a substitute for psyllium husk will never have the same effect as the original ingredient. Psyllium husks swell the dough thanks to their “gums” content and ensure a tasty texture for baking.

  • Chia seeds: For a suitable substitute, it is therefore important that it swells as well. That’s pretty much what chia seeds do. Prepare it as follows: Mix half a cup of chia seeds with three cups of water and let it swell for at least ten minutes.
  • Linseed: They have a similar effect to psyllium and promote healthy digestion. You have to soak the flaxseeds in warm water until all the water has been absorbed. Then you can use them for baking bread or other dough.

This is how psyllium husk will help you

Flea seeds contain a lot of healthy ingredients. Among them, there is a lot of dietary fiber, which makes psyllium popular for intestinal problems. Flea seeds are one of the superfoods.

  • Their effect on the intestines is based on their ability to bind water. For example, you can use psyllium for ailments such as constipation or diarrhea. With the latter, flea seeds help to solidify the stool again.
  • Furthermore, flea seeds also bind bacteria and toxic substances in the intestine. This is how you help with intestinal inflammation or cleanse it.
  • Flea seeds also help with weight loss because they are very filling. With a spoonful of swollen flea seeds, you can quickly counteract cravings.
  • However, due to its water-binding effect, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you are taking medication. Due to their effect on the intestines, psyllium can limit the effectiveness of the medication.

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