Sugar Without Calories: You Should Know That

This is behind the sugar without calories

Sugar is contained in almost all foods, often in large quantities, and is therefore primarily considered a calorie bomb. The Rhenish company Savanna Ingredients wants to counteract this and is therefore researching the production of sugar without calories.

  • Sugar without calories is allulose, which has been produced in Japan since 2010 and is therefore not entirely unknown. Allulose is a rarity in nature as it is present in only small amounts.
  • In addition, this calorie-free sugar is only metabolized in small amounts and provides only a fraction of the energy compared to “normal” sugar. Your body can then excrete allulose unused.
  • In contrast to the Japanese company, the Rhenish start-up is committed to producing sugar inexpensively without calories and thus making it readily available to a wide range of customers. The allulose price should therefore be in a similar price range as “normal” sugar.
  • Here, naturally occurring enzymes are used, which can produce another natural sugar with natural sugar. A suitable technology for the use of enzymes has already been found.
  • It is also important that allulose, in contrast to other known sugar alternatives, should be handled as real sugar. You can undoubtedly continue to cook and bake with it or make your own ice cream flavors and drinks because allulose behaves like real sugar. So there is no catch.
  • In two to three years, allulose should then be available in supermarkets as a product for everyone. Until then, zero-calorie sugar will remain a novel food with the European Food Safety Authority, which will review approval in accordance with the EU regulation.

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