Sushi – Where Does The Delicious Rice Dish Come From?

The origin story of sushi – hence the delicious rice dish

Originally, sushi was not a dish in itself. The dish, which originated in Japan, was created when people wanted to make raw fish more durable with the help of vinegar and rice.

  • This method of preserving fish originally came from Southeast Asia and later made its way to Japan.
  • The fish was first fermented in a hole in the ground. People used salt and wrapped the fish in boiled rice.
  • In Japan, rice was eventually seasoned with vinegar instead of salt, and the iconic sushi rice was born.
  • At the time, no one would have thought that this combination would eventually become the most well-known Japanese dish of all.
  • Sushi comes in many different forms.
  • So that you can tell them all apart, we have uploaded a few pictures for you to the picture gallery.

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