That’s Why Orange Juice Is So Healthy – 5 Reasons For The All-Rounder

Orange juice has a rather outdated reputation, but fruit juice can easily keep up with the numerous trendy drinks of today. With us you will find out the reasons.

Orange juice or smoothie – which is healthier?

Spinach, kiwi, and apple. Or celery, cucumber and banana. Green smoothies are all the rage. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients, make you beautiful and slim. So far so good – but what happened to that good old glass of orange juice? Appreciated in the past, frowned upon today.

It is often said that orange juice contains too much sugar. It makes you fat and causes heartburn. A fallacy. Orange juice really is that healthy.

Orange juice keeps blood sugar levels constant

A piece of chocolate here, a handful of gummy bears there. Everything we eat throughout the day affects our blood sugar levels. Bad carbohydrates such as bread or rolls raise blood sugar levels very quickly, which stimulates the production of insulin in the pancreas. Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index such as nuts or fruit, on the other hand, slow down the rise in insulin and keep you full for longer.

Orange juice is rich in vitamins and nutrients

Orange juice is the biggest vitamin C bomb ever. But the sun-yellow fruit can do much more: It strengthens our immune system and protects our cells from free radicals. These in turn protect our skin from aging and cancer. Another advantage: iron tablets in combination with orange juice increase the effect of the mineral.

Orange juice brings the hormonal balance into balance

Do you feel tired and listless despite getting enough sleep? Drink a glass of orange juice when you wake up. The sweet juice replenishes the glycogen stores that have been depleted overnight and boosts the thyroid function. We immediately feel fitter and more awake. A little tip: Refine your glass of orange juice with a pinch of sea salt. The sweet and salty combination not only boosts the metabolism, but also the electrolyte balance.

Orange juice is easily digestible

Those who suffer from digestive problems usually avoid starchy foods. It doesn’t have to be. A glass of orange juice boosts digestion and makes heavy foods easily digestible.

Orange juice can even prevent dementia

A new study by the renowned Harvard University now even proves that orange juice can prevent dementia. For this purpose, 28,000 male subjects were examined in a 20-year long-term study. The result: The regular consumption of orange juice increased the performance of the brain in 47 percent of the study participants. The reason is the high proportion of antioxidants and other nutrients that have a preventive effect against dementia. Drinking orange juice daily can protect you from the molecules that cause dementia. Regular consumption of the fruit juice is important for effectiveness. In subjects who only drank orange juice once a month, the drink had no positive effects on the brain.

The numerous points prove: Due to its nutrients, orange juice is at least as healthy as the numerous trend smoothies, keeps us mentally fit, and is also cheaper.

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Written by Allison Turner

I am a Registered Dietitian with 7+ years of experience in supporting many facets of nutrition, including but not limited to nutrition communications, nutrition marketing, content creation, corporate wellness, clinical nutrition, food service, community nutrition, and food and beverage development. I provide relevant, on-trend, and science-based expertise on a wide range of nutrition topics such as nutrition content development, recipe development and analysis, new product launch execution, food and nutrition media relations, and serve as a nutrition expert on behalf of a brand.

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