The Urge to Eat Chocolate and Drink Coffee is Inherent in Human DNA – Scientists Comment

A new study by scientists in the United States has found that people who prefer black coffee also like dark chocolate in most cases. American scientists conducted a study on the impact of caffeine on human health and came to interesting conclusions. According to their findings, the so-called “coffee gene” affects the addiction to coffee and chocolate, which determines how much a person likes to consume products.

It turned out that people who prefer black coffee, in most cases, also like dark chocolate. In addition, the coffee gene affects why some people drink many cups of coffee a day, while others do not.

“People with this gene absorb caffeine faster, so the stimulating effects wear off faster and they need to drink more coffee,” said Dr. Marilyn Cornelis of Northwestern University (Illinois).

In addition, people with a similar genetic predisposition prefer plain tea to sweetened and bitter dark chocolate, and even more so to soft milk chocolate. Moreover, this has nothing to do with the taste of the drinks, the researchers assure.

People with the aforementioned gene prefer black coffee and tea (because they associate bitter taste with increased mental activity). And this is supposedly what they want to achieve from caffeine.

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Written by Emma Miller

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