Tongue Burned: You Can Do That Now

First Aid: Tongue burned

  • The human tongue is an extremely sensitive organ. This enables the perception of the finest tastes, but can also lead to severe pain.
  • If you have burned your tongue, you should cool your tongue as soon as possible. What you use for cooling is secondary at first: the quicker the minor burn is cooled, the less pain there is.

Burned tongue: home remedies for the pain

  • In most households, milk is the quickest to hand. Take a sip and hold the milk in your mouth for several seconds.
  • A teaspoon of honey is also helpful. The honey not only fights the pain but also has an antibacterial effect. Cold chamomile tea achieves a similar effect.
  • Likewise, a tablespoon of ice cream and yogurt will ease the pain. In a pinch, you can also let a stick of butter or margarine melt in your mouth.
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Written by John Myers

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